3D scanners

mono Scan

Simple and precise: generating 3D scan data of models of ear impression – mono Scan, the in-store solution for audiology.
€4,350.00 Tax incl. - €3,750.00 Tax excl.

free Stage

The free Stage was developed for quality-conscious audiologists and is the ideal solution for trend-oriented shops.
€5,626.00 Tax incl. - €4,850.00 Tax excl.

duo Scan

duo Scan is a 3D scanner for the digitalization of models of ear impression and was designed for daily use in the acoustician’s shop.
€5,394.00 Tax incl. - €4,650.00 Tax excl.

duo Scan Touch

The duo Scan Touch is the further development of the already established and popular duo Scan.
€5,394.00 Tax incl. - €4,650.00 Tax excl.

ds Production

ds Production is a 3D scanner for fast and easy digitalization of models of impression.
€8,108.40 Tax incl. - €6,990.00 Tax excl.
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